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Communication and content creation are the core day-to-day tasks of the modern knowledge worker. By combining with NetDocuments, we introduce a new document collaboration experience to power the next generation of professionals. NetDocuments' multi-tenant, cloud-first approach accelerates our ability to deliver on the promise of ThreadKM and transform workflow for law firms and corporations globally.

- Dan Hauck, CEO of ThreadKM

NetDocuments + ThreadKM 


Real-Time Conversations

Integrated, real-time, intelligent conversations and agile project management within a NetDocuments matter workspace.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

On-the-go access from mobile applications to documents and real-time conversations for just in time matter collaboration.

Document Tagging

Focus on key issues quickly and globally against any NetDocuments object with document tagging and paragraph-level inline discussions as part of a thread.

Intelligent Issue Resolution

Immediate access to Thread-bots to assist with legal issue resolution or initiate workflows with ‘Threadbot’ technology.

NetDocuments Acquires ThreadKM

Intelligent, matter-based conversations and agile project management now on the NetDocuments trusted cloud platform. 

The Most Trusted Cloud DMS Platform for Legal

Secure Discussions

Secure and manage the disposition of any discussion through the existing NetDocuments cloud platform.

Entity Extraction

NetDocuments’ Intelligent Fabric processes all threads, extracting names, companies, dates, financial amounts, products, titles, and email addresses using advanced machine learning technology.

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