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ndMail is unlike any other cloud-first email management technology in the industry. It comes pre-loaded with accurate filing predictions leveraging AI technology based on users’ existing filing behaviors and existing matter content.

- Bradlee Duncan, Product Manager at NetDocuments

ndMail from NetDocuments

Predictive Filing

File an email with a single click to predicted locations based on email data and matter content.

Global Filing Indicator

Easily know if an email has already been filed by someone in your firm with a global indicator.

Machine Learning and Intelligence

Filing predictions are based on new and existing matter data and user behavior - delivering accurate predictions on day one.

NetDocuments Announces ndMail  

A New Productivity Standard for Cloud Email Management 

Reduce email filing time and increase filing accuracy with machine learning powered recommendations based on new and existing content in the electronic file.   

The Leading Cloud Platform for Legal IT

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We hosted an ILTA webinar in February that highlighted ndMail functionality and the power and efficiency of predictive global filing.  A recording of that webinar is available through the link below.

Folder Mapping

Map existing Outlook folders to NetDocuments.

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