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NetDocuments & GDPR

The EU GDPR compliance deadline is rapidly approaching. If your organization resides or does business with individuals in the EU, now is the time to prepare so you aren't left without a GDPR plan.

This GDPR quick facts document will help you learn:

  • What  GDPR is.
  • What GDPR means for your firm.
  • How the  NetDocuments platform can assist you with compliance.



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Why NetDocuments?

The Most Trusted Cloud DMS Platform for Legal

Keep Your Clients' Data Safe

NetDocuments is built on a world-class security architecture and a security-as-a-service offering that ensures your client data is safe from both internal and external threats.

Increase User Adoption

NetDocuments allows users to interact with the platform in many different ways, including a modern web interface, mobile apps, direct Microsoft Office 365 integrations, and more.

 Improve Productivity

NetDocuments includes a variety of document productivity tools that ensure you can find, edit, organize, save, and collaborate on your matters and documents quickly and efficiently. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve

NetDocuments releases quarterly updates automatically to all customers at no charge and only one global instance of its software, ensuring you always have the latest technology.

Gene Viscelli

The NetDocuments platform addresses the challenges of global data security, sovereignty, and encryption key management, all coupled with the usability, collaboration and productivity tools our legal professionals and clients demand today.

NetDocuments will enable our global teams to collaborate on a modern technology platform that will provide our lawyers and our clients the highest levels of data security, built-in mobility, and data storage flexibility.

Craig Dean

NetDocuments will help us adapt to the ever-changing legal technology landscape as well as meet personnel and client needs for security and usability. The NetDocuments
cloud platform will enable our firm to achieve levels of mobility and security simply not possible with the traditional document management system stack.

Judi Flournoy